The World of Animated Movies

Ever since then, starting with Toy Story, the process of creating an animated movie required meticulous process of storyboarding, scripting and creating the concept art. Only after this is done, does the animation begins. When creating Toy Story, the initial process of planning only took eighteen months to complete. The animation, however, took more time. It was a mixture of old and new methods of animations. In order to create the perfect vision of characters and story. Animators and software engineers were available on the spot. 

The result was a simple comedy about two toys fighting to win the best spot in their owner’s bedroom. They made teams winning their fellow toys over to fight against each other. Eventually, they grow to understand each other and become the best friends. Walt Disney’s Animation Studio had recently produced The Lion King which was a huge success which paved the way to future successes. Toy Story went on to become the highest grossing film that year.

Soon after, animation movies was all the hype in Hollywood. Within the same decade of Toy Story, 2D animation was abandoned. Pixar went on to produce some of the best hits in the world of computer animated movies like Inside Out and Zootropolis. Then Frozen was released which had such a phenomenal success that it became a brand of its own. Thus started the war between animation studios of producing the best animated movies. Each coming up wgvith better animation and advanced version of technology. 

The Team behind Dreamworks

Steven Spielberg founded Dreamworks with Jeffrey Katzenberg who left Disney to form this company. Their first production was Antz which was released shortly before Pixar’s A Bug’s Life. This animation was one-of-its-kind with realistic looking location and special facial controls. The characters also had eye control which added drama to the cartoons. This movie also introduced the idea of having celebrities give their voices to the characters.

How can Blue Sky Studios be not mentioned with all these companies? They signed a distribution deal with Fox and created one of the top profitable franchise – The Ice Age films. They had the best rendering software which is essentially responsible for creating realistic shadows and lightening. This software was created by the director of Ice Age Chris Wedge.