About Live-Action Animation

When we look at movies like The Jungle Book and Mowgli, live-action animation comes to play. The digital effects are much more prominent and filmmaking gains more inspiration. Visual effects in any movie is more common these days. Take any action movie and you see digital effects enhancing action to a level that is unrealistic. 

The same goes for animated movies too. Cinematographers commonly sit in meetings giving advice and sometimes even directing action scenes in animated movies. Movies like How to Train Your Dragon, Big Hero 6, and The Croods were all supervised by respected cinematographers of the industry. 

It is no secret that a few animation studios have much power. Just these few studios are creating movies that are one of a kind and can actually further experiment on creating new software. They have the resources, money and talent for it. These studios also have the right budgets to produce grander versions of 3D animation movies every few months. 

What Does the Future Look Like?

As new software takes over the animation industry and better visual effects are made, the older productions become obsolete. When it comes to the film industry, the audience are loyal fans. The ones who like something, are the ones who actually relate to the characters or actors or the stories. So having them connect to new characters is close to impossible. 

Does this mean that advancements in technology is making people emotionless? Maybe yes. Toy Story was such a mixture of emotions that it tugged at the chords of the heart. The fans it created will always be with them and no new character could actually overshadow those feelings. 

New animated productions are being released in hundreds every year that some movies are even missed in the midst. The audience which experienced animated movies when they first came out will always look for those feelings when watching a new movie. The younger generation, however, will get a chance to learn and see new concepts through feature films. This also means, that in the near future, the most advanced technological movies will be obsolete. For the new generation, the current era will be labelled as old. 

The entertainment industry has come far from where it all started. Not only do viewers get to see interesting concepts artfully formed in storylines, but they get to experience it. Cinemas are now offering 3D movies, even that is old news. But to see from where it all started, it is a big achievement. Wearing the 3D glasses enhances the experience to another level overall. It feels so real that the reactions which are captured are priceless.