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Unity Environment with Unity3D Demonstrator

KU Leuven has scanned an Egyptian cartouche of Pharao Ramses II from the archaeological collection of the university, with its mini-dome scanner. The digital model has been prepared to be shown on-line in the Unity 3D viewer. Special features which are added, are a shaded- and text-filter mode, as well as a clickable option for the translation of the hieroglyphs.


3D-COFORM Demonstrator using the Unity3D Engine
Click on the image to open the demonstrator in a new window.
Note that a Unity3D plugin needs to be installed.


Unity3D Demonstrator

The 3D-COFORM digitization technologies, such as the In-Hand Scanner or the Mini Dome, create digital three-dimensional representations of historic artefacts, that can be provided to researchers and the world-wide public using Internet-based distribution channels.

The Unity3D engine is usually used as a platform for 3D games on the Internet, but its 3D capability can also be used for purposes of cultural heritage. A demonstrator created by 3D-COFORM partners at the Centre for Processing Speech and Images of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zurich shows different scans of Buddha statues embedded into a terrain.The statues were digitized using the In-Hand Scanner.

Clearly, integrating digitized representations of historic artefacts into future Internet-based virtual 3D environments is an exciting new way for preserving cultural heritage.


3D-COFORM Demonstrator using Unity3D3D-COFORM Demonstrator using the Unity3D Engine for 3D Internet Applications.
Click on the image to open the demonstrator in a new window.
Note that a Unity3D plugin needs to be installed.


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