Digital Reconstruction and Restoration scenario


This page presents the functional analysis of two 3D-COFORM systems: the Digital Reconstruction and Digital Restoration systems. This analysis is performed based on the description of typical corresponding use-case from CULTNAT, a Cultural Heritage (CH) institution with experience and expertise in both fields. The functional analysis then results in generic use cases of the systems with identifications of the actors and tasks.

The focus here is on the digital reconstruction of 3D objects. This reconstruction aims at capturing geometrical and possibly texture/material information. The goal may be, but is not necessarily, to produce an accurate digital 3D copy of the artefact. A detailed example of a reconstruction scenario is given in [Farouk2003]. This paper has been used as input for establishing the results in the following section. Note that it also reports on digital restoration, which is not considered here, but in the next section.

The system is the Digital Reconstruction System. This technology enables a user (actor) to create a digital copy – 3D with or without texture/material information – of a 3D artefact.


digital reconstruction

"Example of a reconstruction process by means of an in-hand scanner."

There is one major physical actor: the Acquisition/graphics expert. Nonetheless, two other physical actors may be involved at two stages. First, the Cultural Heritage expert should specify the repository location where the raw data and reconstructed models should be saved. Then, during acquisition, the artefact can only be manipulated by the Curator.

Other non-physical actors are: the Data Repository and Metadata Repository, where all the digital data is stored. In this analysis, these two actors are combined into one single actor: Repositories.


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