The Grand Parade Exhibition


Discover how the world of 3D is helping to reveal the secrets of our cultural heritage.

3D-COFORM is hosting a summer exhibition in Brighton aimed at promoting the project to the general public. This substantial display covers a wide range of case studies across various themes, including the use of 3D technology for interpretation, conservation and investigation. The interactive approach aims to involve the visitor in the learning experience, making it enjoyable and memorable. From the incredible tale of the striking medieval Italian bronze griffin to the mysteries of the ancient Egyptian temple of Abu Simbel, this exhibition travels the world to illustrate the latest in 3D scientific and technological innovation in the heritage sector and uncover the hidden secrets of our past.

n.b. there is a small administrative charge for attendance of the seminars Seminar information Events scheduled for 17.30 will start at 16:00 with a tour of the exhibition where the speaker and other 3DC representatives will be on hand to give a tour and talk to the visitors. The seminar itself will start at 17.30 after the exhibition has closed at 17.00. After the seminar, visitors will be invited to join a discussion over a glass of wine with the speaker(s) and other 3DC representatives and visitors.Some of our exhibits.

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Meissen Fountain
A porcelain table fountain at the V&A Museum in London is so big that it was originally made in several pieces and has never been reassembled by the museum. Now, curators have turned to 3D technology to discover how the Meissen Fountain – a copy of a much larger architectural version in Dresden – fits together, and to help them create new displays for visitors. Read more...

Thumbnail of Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel
Preserving and presenting the world-famous temples of Abu Simbel. In 1959 an international campaign was launched to save the temples of Abu Simbel from the rising waters of the River Nile. Incredibly, the entire site was cut from the rock face and moved to the safety of higher ground. Read more...

Thumbnail of Kazafani boat

The Kazafani Boat
The Kazafani model boat, a unique grave artefact, was found in a tomb in Cyprus in 1963. Crafted from pottery in the 12th century BC, it is now on display at the Cyprus Archaeological Museum in Nicosia but is too fragile to be moved. Read more...

Thumbnail of Michelangelo's David

The world-famous David is widely heralded as a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture. In 2004 it was cleaned and restored and for the first time the results were recorded and compared using 3D models. Read more...

Thumbnail of the painting Van Dyck

This portrait of Anthony van Dyck, a 17th century Flemish artist, is believed to be by his one-time teacher, Peter Paul Rubens. However, research into its style and composition is suggesting that it might have been painted by van Dyck himself. Read more...

thumbnail of the griffin

The Griffin
Experts know that the Griffin is similar to other Spanish Islamic pieces of the same period and guess that it came from the workshops of Medieval Spain. But questions remain: which workshop did the Griffin come from, and how does it relate to another medieval bronze, the Mari-Cha Lion, which shows many similarities in decoration and casting? Read more...

Thumbnail of Islamic vases

Islamic Vases
Decorative objects may look similar, but it can be difficult to say with certainty that they were made by the same artist or workshop. In the past, hand-drawn tracings of the decoration could be used to make comparisons but this was often tricky, hampered by the relief decoration and reflective lustre of the glaze as well as being open to human error. Read more...

Thumbnail of Punch and Judy

Punch & Judy
3D scanning offers exciting opportunities for bringing delicate museum objects back to life – for everyone. As a museum object dating from the 1930s, this Mr Punch puppet could not normally be handled by the public. But, as V&A curator Cathy Haill says, “3D imaging opens up the possibility of allowing people to manipulate puppets and to produce their very own virtual Punch and Judy show”. Read more...

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The Grand Parade Exhibition

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